Wanted: Live

by Buddy Jewell

Released 2015
Diamond Dust Records
Released 2015
Diamond Dust Records
featuring hits like "Sweet Southern Comfort", "Help Pour Out the Rain" and 'If She Were Any Other Woman" recorded "LIVE" from great venues across the U.S.A....this is a MUST have for real Buddy fans!...Get yours today!!!
"Live" music...is there any form that is better, more pure, more spontaneous? Not in my opinion. In this day and age of karaoke clowns, auto-tuned twangers and souped up studio superstars who quite frankly can't pull it off "LIVE" it is a distinct pleasure to present you, the fan, with this project. "Wanted Live" is a collection of recordings over the past several years from "live" music venues all across our great country. From the Pacific coast, throughout Middle America, down through my beloved South and up and down the coastal states of the Atlantic, we delivered our music to you the fans, the reason that we step on stage every night. The band members, lighting and sound systems, production crews and other integral parts changed from time to time but the enthusiasm and the motivation stayed the same...making great "LIVE" music!
I guess it all goes back to my musical roots in a sense as well as my geographic location. As a teen, growing up just north of Memphis, I had the privilege of seeing my share of great concerts at the Mid South Coliseum. Early on, rockers like Kiss, Bob Seger and ZZ Top where acts that brought me to that wonderful old building and later, incredibly talented singer-songwriters like Dan Fogelberg kept me coming back. If you've ever seen any of these fantastic shows, you are no doubt grinning from ear to ear and nodding your head in approval as you read this. Granted, you'll never see pyrotechnics on the scale of a Kiss show associated with one of mine unless the building catches on fire!!
In my early 20's, I got to catch country giants like Kenny Rogers and ALABAMA, two of my all time favorites, while working T Shirt security in Little Rock, Arkansas at Barton Coliseum. I even got to see Willie Nelson there while reserving spots for then-governor Bill Clinton and his entourage...by the way, thanks for the great seat Bill (He never showed up out front....)
These tracks are not the studio-polished, multi-tracked jewels one would find on Peter Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive" or Neil Young's "Live Rust" nor are they intended to be compared with them. Instead, they are somewhat raw and almost completely unedited as evidenced by the occasional feedback etc., at times and a handful of "questionable" notes, pitch-wise by yours truly and my band mates. No "do-overs" no "second chances". But, to me, that is the beauty of "live" music...the raw, edgy, bare bones sound...the scary yet invigorating truth that when your guitar solo or that big vocal note comes around, you only get ONE chance to get it right. I LOVE that about performing live, baring my soul for an audience...and I hope that you love it too as you experience what its like to be "Wanted Live".

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